General conditions

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  1. Data of the Provider
  2. The terms and conditions of the requisitioning of service
  3. Guarantee
  4. Payment conditions
  5. Prices
  6. Specific services
  7. Guest’s contractual rights and obligations
  8. Liability and compensation
  9. The rights of the hotel 


The effect of the General Terms and Conditions covers the services provided by the KÖNIG Hotel operated by the Regonaschi Ltd. The present General Terms and Conditions are published by the Regonaschi Ltd. on the behalf of KÖNIG Hotel, with the proviso that the hotel and related services are provided by Regonaschi Ltd. and that it is entitled to all the related rights and obligations.

 1) Data of the Provider


Address of seat: 7761 Kozármisleny, Rózsa u. 11.

Address of branch site and correspondence: 7621 Pécs, Dr. Majorossy Imre u. 3.

Telephone: +36-72-510-850

Fax: +36-72-510-851



2) The terms and conditions of the requisitioning of service

a) the order of service

The order must be sent in a written form (telefax, e-mail, etc.) in every case. The written order is considered as a “reservation”

The order must include the Guest’s name, address, the exact date of arrival and departure, the type of room, and the proper description of services (meal, program, transportation).

The hotel sends a written confirmation to every order (telefax, e-mail)


b ) validity of offers

The package offers of the hotel – excluding the Daily room prices – are available for the Guests with a limited amount of room capacity. 


c) cancellation of the reservation

The Guest is obliged to send a written notification to the concerned hotel about the possible cancellation, modification or any other changes of the ordered services prior to the commencement of the service.  The hotel considers either the preliminary or the final contract as definite term and content agreement within the meaning of the concepts of the Civil Code, in accordance with the enforcement of the terms and sanctions of definite term agreements in Code Civil. This basic condition is accepted and acknowledged by the Contractual party – Guest.     

For the extension of stay, initiated by the Guest is necessary the prior consent of the hotel, which consent is considered as a modification of the agreement. In such case the hotel is entitled to request for the reimbursement of quid pro quo of the performed services by the Guest.

In case of individual orders the penalty-free cancellation is available only three days prior to arrival – unless the individual agreement concluded with guest orders it otherwise.

In case the Guest does not arrive or cancels the order by the proper deadline, the penalty rate equals to the daily room price

In case of a group order, the setting of the terms and conditions of the cancellation takes place at the specific transaction.


 d) the arrival – departure to the hotel

The hotel room is available for occupation from 2 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be vacated until 11 a.m. on the day of departure.

 3) Guarantee

The hotel reserves the right to authorize the provided credit card as guarantee prior to arrival. Authorization is not considered as payment!

4) Payment conditions

The quid pro quo of ordered services can be paid by remittance or by cash, bankcard just as well by SZÉP card on site. In case of payment by SZÉP card, the hotel – its employee – is entitled to request for the presentation of an identity document – ID card, passport, etc. – in order to the legitimacy of the card usage. The Guest is obliged to  comply with the request. In case the identification is not possible for any reason – beyond the hotel or its employee – the hotel is entitled to refuse the payment of the Guest by SZÉP card. In case of remittance – unless the agreement concluded with the hotel orders it otherwise – the Guest is obliged to credit the compensation of the ordered services on the bank account of the hotel prior to arrival.

5) Prices

The basic service of the hotel includes the price of accommodation with breakfast and internet usage, which are alwasy included in the prices, other offers, discounts, packages published by the hotel.

The published prices always include the VAT specified in the applicable regulation at the time of publishing, nevertheless do not include the local tax, which must be pay at the site of service, except the quotations which specify “the prices shown include the local tax as well”. The Guest can receive adequate information about the prices of each service at the hotel reception prior to the commencement of the provision of services.      

REGONASCHI Ltd. reserves the right to change the prices.

The hotel notifies the current prices in the order confirmation. Information about the current prices of the hotel is available on the website of the hotel ( ). The prices given in Euros shall be invoiced in accordance with the current exchange rate of the Hungarian National Bank. Provider and Guest agree that the completion date of the provided service is the date of the service resorted factually and as a lat by the guest (VAT Act, 55. § Section (1) ).

6) Specific services

a) children discounts

The discounts are available solely for the children travelling with the parents and living in the same room with them, are not applicable for student groups.


b) half and full board options

It is available from the dinner on the arrival day until the breakfast or lunch on the departure day, according to the published offer of the hotel. 


c) programs

The hotel provides information about the program offers, about their prices at the reservation and during the staying of the Guest. Some of the programs are run solely at a specified minimum headcount. The Guest has to consult with the hotel about the programs at the time of reservation. The programs are published in the brochures of the hotel or on the website of the hotel (

7.) The Guest’s contractual rights and obligations

Under the present agreement the Guest is entitled to the intended use of the ordered room and those facilities which are included in the usual service range of the hotel and are not subject to special conditions. 

The Guest is entitled to make a complaint in relation to the performance of the services provided by the hotel during the time of his/ her staying at the accommodation. As it is specified in the regulations, the hotel is obliged to handle the justified complaints transmitted to it via the “customers book” or via other ways – e.g. at the reception in a written form – and the hotel is obliged to notify the Guest about the taken measures in writing within thirty days. The Guest’s right of complaint ceases subsequent to leave of the accommodation facility.    

The Guest is obliged to reimburse the costs of the ordered services on time in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions and/ or with the individual agreement.

The Guest ensures that the child below 14 years under his/ her responsibility can stay solely under adult supervision at the hotel.  

In case the Guest leaves definitively the room before the expiry of the time specified in the service contract concluded for a definite time, the hotel is entitled to the reimbursement of the costs for the whole time period on the ground of compensation. 

The hotel is entitled to resale the prior to maturity room.


8) Liability and compensation

 The hotel is entitled to terminate the service contract with an immediate effect and to refuse the performance of the services in case the Guest: 

does not use the facility or the provided room as it is intended

behaves rudely and/ or unworthily in accordance with the security, order, the employees of the accommodation facility, is under the significant influence of alcohol or drugs, conducts a threatening, abusive or otherwise unacceptable behaviour     

suffers from an infectious disease and/ or a disease that is capable of elicting disgust

does not perform his/ her obligation of advance money or deposit payment specified in the agreement – individual conditions – until the time agreed by the parties


 The Guest is obliged to reimburse damages suffered by the hotel in accordance with the related provisions of the Civil Code.

The Guest is liable for the reimbursement of such damages and disadvantages which are suffered by the hotel or a third person due to the fault of the Guest and/ or his/ her escort and of the persons (minor and/ or persons under his/ her care), objects under his/ her responsibility. This responsibility of the Guest shall also apply when the holder is entitled to claim the reimbursement of the damage directly from the hotel.


The hotel is obliged to reimburse the damages suffered by the Guest in accordance with the related regulations of the Civil Code:

The hotel is liable for the such damages suffered by the Guest arising from the loss, destruction or damage of his/ her objects, except it is proven that it was caused by unavoidable reasons beyond the control of the employees or the guests of the hotel of by the Guest himself/ herself. The responsibility occurs in accordance with the damages of such object which were placed in the hotel at the designated places or at a place usually assigned for such purpose or in his/ his room by the Guest, or in accordance with objects that were given to an employee of the hotel who is entitled to the acceptance of the object or whom could be considered to be entitled under the circumstanced by the Guest.       

The hotel is liable for valuables, securities, cash – in such case its liability is unlimited – solely in case the object was taken over explicitly for custody, in case the takeover was explicitly refused and the damage has occurred for such reason that the hotel is responsible under the general regulations. In the latter case, the burden of proof lies with the Guest.   

The Guest is obliged to immediately report the damage which affects him/ her or his/ her assets, to provide the necessary and available documents for the hotel in connection with incident which may be necessary for the commencement of the possible official procedure – police report.

In case the guest failed to report the damage causation at the occurrence of the damage, the hotel is responsible for the damage solely under the general regulations, but the consequences of the failure of the proof lies with the Guest.   

 9) The right of the hotel

the Guest’s illness, death: in case the Guest becomes ill during his/ her staying and he/ she is not capable of to make any actions on its own, the hotel offers medical help   

in case of the Guest’s illness (death), the hotel is entitled to claim compensation from the ill (dead) Guest’s relative, heir, possible Partner in accordance with the costs of the paid medical and administrative services prior to the death, furthermore in accordance with the related possible damages which have arisen in connection with the illness (death) in the equipment and furniture of the hotel.    

The Guest is obliged to fully reimburse the damages in the equipment and furniture of the hotel caused by him/her

The hotel has a right of pledge on the Guest’s personal property which was taken to the hotel under the regulations of the Civil Code to ensure its claim related to the Guest’s payment obligation of fees for services received or ordered, but not used. To this pledge, the pledge of the lessor shall apply accordingly. The hotel, until the pledge exists, may prevent the removal of the pledged property.  


The hotel is obliged to act in accordance with provisions of the Act LXIII in about the protection of personal data and the publicity of public data and with the provisions of the data protection laws. The Guest’s personal data may be used solely for the purposes of service..

In case the pledged property is a vehicle owned by the Guest, the retention of the pledged item applies solely for the pledges item and by no means, the personal freedom of movement of the Guest or the persons travelling with him/ her may be limited. The Guest and those with him/ her, without limitation, are free to leave the hotel.     

The false major is the shared responsibility of the hotel and the guest, which is not under the supervision or the control of any of the parties and which exempts both parties from the performance of the obligations under the agreement.    


The legal relationship between the hotel and the Guest the Hungarian Civil Code shall apply.

The hotel and the Guest agree that in case of any possible arising dispute between them they try to amicably settle it, in case of litigation matters where the agreement between them does not occur, the parties stipulate the competence of the Municipal Court of Pécs which seats at the operation place of the hotel. 

By the signature of the registration form the Guest consents to be bounded by the General Terms and Conditions.

Pécs, 1st October, 2012



Alessandro Regonaschi 

Managing director